Roku is the most popular streaming device in the market due to its appealing features. When it comes to entertainment, Roku undoubtedly grabs the first place. It works well with all internet services and televisions. However, it is recommended o check if your TV as well as internet service provider are available on the list of supported ISPs and devices of Roku. To enjoy an uninterrupted functioning of Roku, go to web-based address. Through this page, you can find solutions to all your technical issues related to Roku device.

Fix Roku Sound Problems

Roku comes with a private listening feature allowing you to listen to the audio via a pair of headphones. This function is available in case you have a remote control along with a headphone jack. But at times, users face Roku sound problems when they use their headphones. Such issues include audio shutters and pops, audio is out-of-sync, audio is not heard by any means, and a lot more.

To get rid of these problems, here are some easy-to-follow troubleshooting tips:

  • Check whether the volume of remote or mobile device is very low or muted. If this is the case, increase the volume as per your convenience.
  • In case the audio is out of sync, the software enables you to auto-correct itself.
  • Remove the headphones and insert them again.
  • Pause and play the TV show or movie again you are watching.
  • Unplug the Roku player and reconnect it.
  • Use another set of headphones if possible.
Roku no sound hdmi

While using private listening, ensure that there is no other device on your wireless network streaming or downloading video or music. This can cause Roku connectivity issues. In case you are still having Roku sound problems, contact our experts at toll-free 1-866-817-4499. They are very knowledgeable and have been fixed millions of Roku device-related issues worldwide.

Roku No Sound HDMI

Another issue with Roku device is that you can see videos properly but are unable to hear the associated audio. This is known as Roku No Sound HDMI error. It often arises when the Roku player is not connected to a WiFi network. First of all, make sure that the player is turned on and the correct input is selected on your television. In case your player is powered on but you can’t see the video, try these below-given steps to resolve this issue:

roku sound problems

Check the mute settings and volume level on your television. Keep the volume settings on your device to the audible level. Ensure that the cable connections are tightly attached at both ends. Connect a different input to the Roku player and check if you can hear the audio or not. Be certain that you have activated your streaming device using web address.Use a different HDMI if possible.

If you make a connection with Roku streaming player using another device like sound bar or AVR, select the correct input on it. In the case of a composite cable, check the audio connectors between AVR and Roku player. There are chances that your AVR, TV or sound bar doesn’t provide support for the sound format used by the content provider. In this scenario, go to audio settings and use stereo mode.

Troubleshooting: Roku Remote not working

Sometimes, Roku setup process could go wrong resulting in a number of issues. Roku help is not only available for Roku but also for its remote. When it comes to the proper functioning of the device, Roku remote plays a very important role. If your Roku Remote not working, follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  1. Check the batteries of the remote. For this purpose, put the batteries into some other device. In case they are not working fine, replace the batteries with new ones.
  2. Press the start button on remote.
  3. After that, press the pairing button.
  4. Now, your remote will work fine.
Roku enhanced remote

But what if the problem still continues? Fret not. Just contact support executives sitting on our help desk at toll-free 1-866-817-4499. They will provide you reliable solutions to all your queries.