Roku Connectivity

Roku streaming player allows you to stream audios and videos from the internet. To make the player working properly, there should be a good connection with the internet. Roku connectivity can be checked from the settings menu. To do so, connect the Roku device to an internet connection. After that, select check connection option in network settings. If this option doesn’t show, it means that your device is not connected to the network.

Roku Connectivity

When Roku connectivity check starts, the streaming device tries to connect to wired or wireless home network. In case it is successful, a green check appears whereas a red cross symbol shows if there is no connection established. Once done, you can review the signal strength and other details by clicking on about section.

In the case of red X symbol, take your computer or a mobile device and connect that to the home network. Once done, try accessing any website like Contact your ISP if you are unable to access the internet. If the problem still exists, give us a call at toll-free 1-866-817-4499. Our knowledgeable technicians will resolve all your issues within a few seconds.

Tips to improve wireless connection to your Roku Streaming player

It often happens that you are having playback or connection issues though the signal strength is good. To fix the issue, check for wireless interferences. Microwave ovens, cordless phones or other wireless devices placed near the router can cause the interferences in Roku connectivity. So, keep the router away from such devices. Also, reduce the use of other devices which are accessing the network e.g. computers, mobile devices, game consoles and streaming players.

On the other hand, if your signal strength is poor or you face playback issues, try improving the signal quality. Take the router out from its cabinet. If the TV is placed between the router and Roku device, TV is the barrier in path of signals. Contact support department at our toll-free number 1-866-817-4499 in case of any technical issues.

Try accessing website once. If still, your Roku Remote not working, call our experts at 1-866-817-4499. They will offer you some targeted solutions to make your remote work properly.

Resolve issues with Roku Enhanced Remote

Roku issues depend on the type of your Roku remote. Prior to troubleshooting, you should determine which type of remote you are using with your device. Mainly, there are two types of Roku Remote: Standard Infrared Remote and Enhanced ‘point-anywhere’ Remote. If your remote has a pairing button then it is the Roku Enhanced Remote. This remote connects over a wireless network and can be pointed anywhere to work.

In case you face issues with your Roku Enhanced Remote like it is not pairing, cannot be controlled or pressing button not working, use the below-given troubleshooting steps to fix them:

  1. Remove the batteries from your remote.
  2. Reboot your Roku streaming player.
  3. Insert the batteries in your remote again.
  4. Re-pair the remote using pairing button.
  5. Replace the old batteries with new ones.
  6. Connect your Roku device to an available network.
  7. Install an HDMI extension cable.
Roku Remote not Working

Connect with our proficient technicians at toll-free 1-866-817-4499 in case of any technical issues while using Roku and its remote.