Roku Player – Your Best Bet for Online Streaming

With the ever-increasing online streaming, Roku gadget always stayed in the limelight since its inception. This tiny device brings us the future of online content streaming. Despite of its typical thumb equal size and enhanced remote, it is recognized as one of the best streaming players in the market.  After the Roku Setup, you get instant connectivity with roku that allows you to watch your favorite content anytime, anywhere. It is your one-stop streaming destination to enjoy all genres of online content.

Just plug it and enter the code in my.rokucom or website to start streaming. The Roku menu system is far more simpler than other competing gadgets like Firestick. Also, it is not cluttered with promotional advertisements and other intervening stuff.

However, the basic Roku setup process is very simple. But still, for novice users, there is a probability of errors. No need to worry as you are always welcome to get our experts advice and support.

Prerequisites for Online Roku Setup

Prior to activation process, you need to have the following prerequisites:

  • Cable to make connection between the Roku gadget and the TV set.
  • Reliable Internet connection with compatible speed.
  • HDMI cable – depending upon the Roku model.
  • Admittance to the – online setup web address.
  • Working Roku Account and the Activation code.
  • Fluctuation-free and reliable power supply to the Roku Gadget.
  • All the connections should be finger-tight.
  • Roku expert’s guidance during the Activation.
Roku setup

So these aforementioned prerequisites are mandatory to have for the activation. For any queries, reach out Roku experts at 1-866-817-4499. Further, let’s move on to the activation process steps.

Activation Steps For Your Roku Streaming Player

With the help of these step-by-step instructions, activation can be done in a matter of minutes:

  • Connect the Roku gadget to the TV with a cable.
  • After you see the “let’s get started” logo on your screen, press the Ok button on your remote.
  • If the remote is not paired, you need to pair the remote first and then press the Ok button.
  • Pairing the Roku remote is quite simple as per Roku remote instructions.
  • Just put the batteries in and press the pairing button to get Roku remote online.
  • Thereafter, choose language for the Roku menu.
  • Connect the device to wireless network and wait for the activation code.
  • Prior to generating the activation code, the Roku gadget will check for the firmware update.
  • The activation code is only valid for a certain period. Thereafter it becomes expired.
  • Once the code is generated, go to my roku com and enter the code in the prompted box.
  • Follow the further prompts and you’re all set with the activation.

Get in touch with our experts through chat or call for any needed help with the activation.

Support For Roku – Troubleshooting Various Roku Errors

Like with all the other gadgets, technical glitches, streaming or activation errors are also distinctive with Roku setup. But exception comes with the Roku support team that provides instant support for troubleshooting errors on the go. Given below are the explained common errors of Roku and their troubleshooting techniques.

Roku Remote Issue – Not Working

Issues with the Roku remote is not a novice thing for the users. Especially the issue when it refuses to work all of a sudden. The first thing to try in such scenario is checking batteries. Remove the batteries from the remote and use them in other device. If the batteries are good, put it back to the remote. Else, use the new ones.

Thereafter, you have to again pair the remote with your gadget. This is for ensuring the connectivity with the gadget. Simply press the pairing button of your remote and release after a few seconds. Second tip is to power-cycle your TV set as well as the Roku streaming gadget. And if these tips don’t fix the Roku remote not responding issue, then it’s time to get experts’ assistance.

Roku can’t connect with Wi-Fi

Most of the Roku setup errors like 001 , 012 ,013 and 018 are just because of the issues with the internet connectivity. However, you can get out of this hurdle using these tips:

  • Firstly, check your internet connection on other devices. Is it working fine or not?
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider if there is no internet connectivity in your area or premise.
  • While typing in your wireless network credentials, avoid doing any typos. Also, remember that the credentials are always case sensitive.
  • And at the time of choosing the network, only select your home wireless network.
  • Check your network settings under the Network section. Particularly check the signal strength. In case your device is not getting adequate signal strength, place it near to your modem or router.
  • Last but not the least, restart your system and see if that resolves your issue or not. In case of negative result, you’re welcome to get assisted by our experts.
roku support

Troubleshooting Sound Problems with Roku

Other common issues with Roku are the sound problems. These include one particularly-Roku no audio HDMI. Let us guide you how to deal with this. Firstly, check that the correct input is selected. Then ensure that the HDMI cable is properly connected to the ports. In case the HDMI cable is not long enough, then use an HDMI cable extender.

If you are utilizing a composite cable for the audio connectors, ensure that connectors are attached to the correct ports of TV set and Roku device. Also, check the volume level from the Roku remote and as well as from the sound bar – if using any. Manage the audio settings under the Audio mode. If you’re unsure about this, let our experts get the job done for you.

Roku Firmware Update Error

To get the best of your device performance, you must keep your gadget up to date. The obsolete firmware or software may result in undesired errors such as Error 011 etc. The steps for an easy implementable solution to unbound yourself from this issue are given below:

  • Go to any available web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Type roku com and press enter.
  • Here, you will be prompted to provide the credentials of your Roku account.
  • Check out the update option.
  • In case there is an update available for your device, update it to the latest software.

The update process needs the fast and reliable internet connectivity. For any sort of assistance regarding the updating process, experts are just a call away.

The key part of Roku fame is the availability of multitude shows, movies and other content. Other major component is instant help by the Roku experts that are always there to assist you when needed and have provide a good taste of online streaming in your lives.

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